Waterproofing system:  

Thermoflex System


Thermoflex has been in production since 1982 and has been developed specifically for South African conditions, which on the highveld are extreme. Assistance in product evaluation has been provided by the C.S.I.R.

Thermoflex consists of a 180 gram heat set chemically bonded (double reinforced) needle punched polyester geo fabric, manufactured in an ISO 9000 certified plant. This comprises the• Carrier • or core of the product. Impregnated into this is S.A.B.S. certified bitumen, which is modified with A.P.P. (attactic polypropylene) and various other components, which provide flexibility and ultra violet light resistance. The weathering surface is treated with an inert silica, which provides a key for adhesion of topcoats, should aesthetics require. The under surface comprises a heat sensitive polymer film which melts at the correct temperature during application.

Over three million square meters of THERMOFLEX has been specified and is successfully performing on roofs throughout Africa. The product is fully backed by our manufacturers guarantee and has a life expectancy of in excess of twenty years.

Thermoflex Dual


THERMOFLEX DUAL is a pre fabricated modified bitumen membrane whose compound is composed of distilled bitumen and elasto-plastermers (APP), reinforced with non-woven polyester fabric and fibre glass matt. This THERMOFLEX DUAL compound offers good ageing properties, flexibility, durability, and elasticity.

THERMOFLEX DUAL is available with a talc finish on the upper face to prevent the roll from sticking to itself and benefits the unrolling of the product during installation. The talc finish also enhances the adhesion of aluminium reflective coatings and acrylic paints after application.

The lower face of THERMOFLEX DUAL is backed by a special polyethylene burn-off film which melts during torching and prevents the roll from sticking to itself. The correct application temperature is visible from the embossed surface of the membrane which is below the burn off film, when the correct application temperature is reached, this embossment melts, also helping vapour diffusion and avoiding blistering.

The burn off film also has a printed 10cm square which allows the alignment of the side laps quickly and easily during application.
THERMOFLEX DUAL offers a high static and dynamic puncture resistant, good tensile strength, both longitudinal and transversal, ultimate elongation and exceptional dimensional stability.


Waterproofing Compound

ACRYLBIT waterproofing compound is a highly flexible liquid applied, bitumen emulsion and acrylic blend, that when reinforced with stitch bonded polyester, forms a homogeneous seamless waterproofing system. ACRYLBIT in conjunction with stitch bonded polyester is suitable for; flashings, parapet walls, properly graded roof decks, lap joints, roofing screws and many other waterproofing details. ACRYLBIT is not suitable for areas of long term ponding or under tiles.


Waterproofing System

DARAFLEX is a polymer modified anionic bitumen emulsion, which is used to impregnate a suitable geo-fabric thus forming a continuous waterproofing membrane. Once completely dry the product becomes highly resistant to swelling or re-emulsification, a problem associated with other water based systems.


Daraflex Fibre

DARAFLEX FIBRE is a polymer modified anionic bitumen emulsion containing a synthetic fibre, the fibre enables the product to form a continuous waterproofing layer without the inclusion of a membrane. Once completely dry the product becomes highly resistant to swelling or re-emulsification, a problem associated with other water based systems.



Cement Modifier

HYPERCRETE is a synthetic latex additive for cement and mortar mixtures. The addition of HYPERCRETE confers numerous advantages over unmodified mixes such as; greatly improves adhesion to substrates, greatly improves toughness and flexibility, improves resistance to water and water vapour, improves the performance of mortars in thin layers. Improves chemical resistance and reduces dusting. Typical applications of HYPERCRETE modified mixtures include: plaster cement and concrete repairs, water resistant renderings for internal and external walls, screeds for bathrooms and showers, water resistant additive for tile adhesives and grouts and as a bonding agent for acrylic toppings. HYPERCRETE is available in 25 L and 5 L containers.